Anime Studio Pro 9 – NEW ‘Smart Bone Action’ Basics!

UPDATE: As of 9.2 the movement of any other bones while making smart bones actually creates that bone movement as part of the smart action – therefore, make …
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Manga Studio 5 & 5 EX Tutorials: Panel Borders

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  • theogore says:

    Wow. Well explained. Looks great.

  • Duncan McKenzie says:

    Smart bones produce better results, and would be great if they could be
    used immediately in the bones menu, rather than requiring actions to be set
    up and named correctly. Clunky. I’ll stick to cutting up limbs in
    Photoshop. I actually was very excited to hear about the new version until
    I studied the new feature list. $99 upgrade is expensive for such modest
    changes. Although for new users, who can buy the whole thing for $149, it’s
    a good deal.

  • tazatriste says:

    There are many more features, big and little ones. Check the official
    announces they made on their facebook and twitter.

  • Kevin Jackson says:

    This is amazing. You just convinced me to get AS9 this year. Best smart
    bone tutorial I have seen to date.

  • Danny Sugar says:

    With all due respect, what ‘ANIMATORS need’ is NOT automated lip sync.
    there’s no fuss setting up smart bones, its quick and easy and makes a HUGE
    difference… even if you break a leg into two parts there no way you have
    anywhere near as much control over the way it moves and folds in an organic
    way rather than simple rotation on a pivot. If you’re not excited about the
    new additions, you probably don’t need the upgrade but smart bones are more
    than just limb solutions – check my other vids!

  • joofville says:

    Great video bud.

  • Danny Sugar says:

    i used the point binding tool to select individual points to bind to
    specific bones – if you manually bind every point there will not be any
    cross influencing and you can just add a layer of correction using smart

  • Iullian64 says:

    So is that it? Or is does it have other new features? The web sight doesn’t
    have 9 set up yet how much are they asking?

  • that1guysVideos says:

    I guess the people who did NOT spend a lot of time eating un-sliced bread,
    would not have been impressed with it being sliced. This is amazing. Yes, I
    want to know about any and all other features, but this Smart Bone is worth
    the upgrade all by itself. Thanks for the vid.

  • Danny Sugar says:

    there’s a ton of new features and enhancements – I’ll put the link in the
    description did they say ‘is that it’ when they invented sliced bread? ;)

  • BaconMan says:

    hey i need help, i cant choose which bone the body part will conect too.
    their are two bones in a leg and you can only have one leg, so i cant
    figure it out

  • Brenton Bolderoff says:

    I have multiple Bones on one Vector and when I bend them one at a time on
    the default stance it’s great but when I bend two bones the whole vector
    expands. How do I fix that.

  • Danny Sugar says:

    fair enough – if you’re cutting up images rather than using vectors then
    yes, smart bones may not be needed, but the setup is compulsory since so
    much information can be added to a bones rotation (a totally different pose
    at every angle of the rotation potentially). Still you may benefit from
    bezier timeline updates, other timeline changes and image based onionskin
    enhancements – whatever, it’s really no skin off my nose :) I’m in no way
    affiliated with SM other than being a user & beta tester!

  • Killing Joke says:

    when I add my bones… the body og my character won’t move and the bones
    move without my character

  • Danny Sugar says:

    make sure you are not on frame 0 when you want to see your bone influence

  • Duncan McKenzie says:

    I’m a little underwhelmed by the new upgrade. It’s expensive for owners of
    version 8, and the new additions seem to me to be minor improvements, and
    (arguably) a programmer’s idea of what animators need. The idea of smart
    bones is good, but for the fuss of setting it up, you might as well create
    the leg in two parts in the first place. I was hoping for a decent
    automated lip sync, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new in that

  • IvanMtl says:

    A great video demonstration and tutorial for the new Smart Bones feature. I
    was a previous AS Pro 7 user and skipped the upgrade to AS 8 – although I
    was intrigued by the Automatic Image Tracing and Patch Layer additions ( I
    think with the new Smart Bones feature it has pretty much eliminated the
    need for patches). It really is a “game-changer” and it will be interesting
    to see how Toon Boom responds. There has never been a better time to create
    and animate!

  • mrfanalino says:

    This is the best upgrade they could do!

  • DaleAmigaman says:

    Great video. Thanks for creating that. This is an excellent feature. Can’t

  • macnavi says:

    Brilliant, I’m convinced.

  • LiveToons says:

    verry helpfule thank you so much!

  • Eric DeSantis says:

    Did they add back the “Split Panel” feature into 5 EX for even halves,
    thirds, quarters, etc?? Really miss this (or still can’t figure out how in
    5 standard).

  • Andrew Stoeckley says:

    I don’t think this video was sourced in HD, even though it was exported in
    HD for YouTube. When working with small controls in software, best to
    actually capture HD footage so the tools are clear and easy to see and
    follow you. Note this technique on many other software videos on this site,
    it’s very nice for viewers who are learning. Otherwise, great content.

  • Undead Nightorc says:

    I’m not sure I like the MS5 way of splitting the panels. On my computer the
    process of splitting the frame panels is sluggish, there is a delay as the
    cpu does all its calculations with each split. This may not be noticeable
    on higher end computers. In MS4EX you could play around with the panel
    lines before committing and converting them into full fledge panels.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart says:

    Once again excellent tutorial, sensei. Come on payday & bills…line up so
    I can get this!

  • KizulEmeraldfire says:

    I don’t think they have, no. I didn’t even know that feature existed. o.O
    I’ve been working around that by making my pages a specific size (in
    inches), and then making vertical and horizontal guides at exact points so
    that I can have from halves to eighths (horizontally — vertically, I only
    go to quarters, because I’m using Manga Studio to make strip-style comics
    rather than page-style ones). Haven’t figured out the appropriate size for
    sevenths yet, but I’m not sure I’d ever use that size. :p

  • KizulEmeraldfire says:

    Hm. I notice that Manga Studio Debut 3 had the Panel tool and the Panel
    Cutter tool — but EXs 4 and 5 DON’T seem to have them. :( That was one of
    the things I loved about Debut 3 and didn’t like about EX 4; I was hoping
    EX 5 would have it again. *But*, EX 5 has a bunch of other features that I
    like, so I hope it’s not too much of a deal-breaker. :p

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