Anime Studio Pro 7 Tutorial: Step-By-Step Overview

Anime Studio Pro is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Using easy to follow, step by step instructions – eliminate your fear of using scripts in Anime Studio.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Michael Henry says:

    go to the youtube search bar and type in “ThePikkonShow” all together, dont
    space its the best work i’ve seen with this program, o.o

  • Kahndawg says:

    I wish there were more tools and they were a little more versatile and
    easier to use, or at least a better tutorial was given along with the
    software. Someone who isn’t familiar with this sort of thing, or not a
    talented artist to begin with, will have trouble creating even something
    very simple with this. Maybe that’s why most people I hear talking about
    this program say they perfer to create images in other programs and import
    them to anime studio.

  • Content Paradise says:

    @gootiween What makes you say that? Many professional studios use Anime
    Studio actually. It’s heavily used for advertising by companies
    internationally for products such as Axe. Have you checked out the examples
    on the Anime Studio website? It includes everything from music videos to
    full length animations. You don’t have to make Anime, it is for whatever
    your style of animation is. Anime Studio is highly rated and reviewed. Have
    you used it?

  • Low Light says:

    Can a beginner start with Anime Studio pro 7, meening, does it have all the
    basics like anime studio debut 7 has?

  • Tamás Szigeti says:

    thank its a very helpful

  • Barton Bay says:

    awesome. I just started doing anime studio. This is my first animation if
    anyone is interested :) /watch?v=0rGp8i4vYZE

  • Diamantis Zavitsanos says:

    I hate how you can only draw on frame 0!

  • tomo osijek says:

    can i put those animation in video and mix together real video and cartoon?

  • Stefan Vavic says:

    @cdsisf haha dude I’ve watched your piglets,AMAZING!

  • madhairman12 says:

    @pivotpapapizza it 50$

  • Bob Bo says:

    @PARKERx87 Eh I disagree. Flash is an extremely limited animation tool —
    but it’s better suited to web based content than real animation. AE is a
    multi puprose tool used by pros in both the animation and video world. Like
    I said to each his own but I’ve never heard of a single professional work
    created on “anime studio.” At the end of the day they’re all just tools
    though if you can do it with the tool you prefer, then go for it.

  • Megan Bell says:

    This is step 1 in my future career as a Anime Artist!!!

  • tazatriste says:

    It was very necessary to have a webinar about this topic, scripts always
    looks harder than they are. Thank you very much, Vern. Sadly I couldn’t
    watch it alive, but now I just did it :)

  • Adys EmoteGuy says:

    Great webinar. It really helped a lot.

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