Anime Studio 9 & 9.5 Pro Tour & Features Overview


Join Steve Cooper, Poser Product Manager, in this 1-hour webinar as he takes you on a tour of the new features in Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014.

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  • bruce gulick says:

    For the life of me I can’t understand why the example artwork included in
    the Anime Studio demo videos is so incredibly ugly and’s
    *incredible* software capable of doing such amazing stuff but for some
    reason you guys use artwork that looks like a seven year old made it..and
    it’s a huge turn off. Professionals would look at it and laugh, and so
    would most kids for that matter. Same with the character designer..great
    idea but looks so bad it’s unusable. So frustrating.

  • Oka Loka says:

    I agree, They don’t give the respect to the word ANIME, This should be
    called CARTOON STUDIO, The things I can do with A-S pro 5 looks nothing
    like the characters in this video.

  • NegInfinity says:

    Examples in this video are ugly/horrible/amateurish and will probably scare
    away anybody who would’ve been interested in this software otherwise. You
    don’t mention anything about traditional frame-by-frame animation, you
    don’t mention anything anime-related. If you’re smithmicro representative,
    you should take this video down and upload something better. With product
    demo like this you WILL lose sales.

  • bruce gulick says:

    And I do want to stress that Anime Studio is *ABSOLUTELY AWESOME* for
    almost any kind of 2-D animation, better than virtually anything out there
    and amazingly affordable, etc..which is why it’s so odd that a quality
    artist wasn’t hired to do the designs for the promotional video and the
    character designer. Like dropping the ball three feet before the goal.
    Anime Studio the software is frikkin’ amazing, but Smith Micro isn’t
    promoting it right.

  • Jdeadevil says:

    This just looks like a rejected version of Adobe Flash, and I fricken’ hate
    Adobe Flash.

  • Content Paradise says:

    Check out the video with the title: Anime Studio 9 Pro Tutorial – New

  • Ani moeH says:

    But I don’t see anything “new”, to me it looks the same as Anime Studio pro

  • Alexander Vourtsis says:

    And Content Paradise while you’re at it, please also change that deformed
    guy under “Render Settings”, this is pure nightmare fuel…

  • Oka Loka says:

    No, back in the 80′s and 90′s people just called it “Japanimation”, and
    later was abbreviated to Anime, so again this looks more like Cartoon than
    Anime quality. And Anime and Cartoons are very different:

  • NikiPink ♥ Animation ツ Best ☃ Free ☁ Funny ❅ Short ♫ Animations ✌ says:

    coolest software

  • JFDP13 says:

    You neither. “Anime” means “animation”, and that means cartoons are also
    anime. The same happens with “manga”

  • williss11 says:

    Wait so with this you can’t make an anime?? With A-s pro 5 you can??

  • lightdarkgamer12 says:


  • Svastara2 says:

    can it import Adobe Illustrator CS6 files? Or flash files?

  • thelovebat says:

    I agree with this, the anime person they have showed at the beginning of
    the video was what I expected to see quality wise for the example
    animations to see what the program was capable of producing.

  • AlexStrife89 says:

    Totally not here because I found out about this program from watching RWBY.

  • TOXI ☆ CANT says:

    This program looks SWEET. -Aspiring animator and RWBY fan-

  • fingerhorn4 says:

    I’ve had every version since Poser 3. Each new version never keeps up with
    even basic progress in other applications. Why don’t poser producers have a
    look around what’s going on in character driven games to see how primitive
    poser still is. I know that game type sophistication is not possible, but
    poser is so far away from what it should be achieving. Still, after many
    years, I have yet to see a single convincing animation. Poser characters
    are still woefully primitive without additional cost.

  • Heitor Marrento says:

    If I was watching this webnar I would stop – he talk too much before show
    what we want to know

  • Supermason3000 says:

    I have poser 2012 will these additions be found in 2012 or can be
    downloaded for it since it is part of poser 10? I am just starting to use
    this program and reading and watching videos to learn everything about it.
    Aspiring artist.

  • SKAmotion says:

    These are all nice features, but have you managed to put tangent handles in
    the curve editor yet? Or a way to copy and paste in the curve editor, or to
    show more than one curve in the curve editor at a time. And world and local
    aligns for joints? Or animated IK/ FK switching. Oh and a way to bake out
    animation. That would be nice. Oh and orientation constraints would help a
    lot as well. I have Poser Pro 2012 and it’s the same as poser 6 for
    animation. Let me know if these are in the 2014. thx

  • Chris Howard says:

    You are quite welcome. Best of luck.

  • dronescanners says:

    you really are here to help people, thanks

  • Chris Howard says:

    If you can’t afford Poser right now, and are just getting started, you may
    want to look at DAZ studio (which is free). I like and use both programs
    and they do many of the same things.

  • Chris Howard says:

    Poser is pretty easy to learn the basics but is complex in that it actually
    is a fairly deep program with some powerful tools. Animating with Poser is
    still much easier than sculpting, painting and rigging original figures in
    other programs like Maya or Lightwave.

  • dronescanners says:

    i can’t afford that but it’s fun to watch : )

  • Raisonbran648 says:

    I have messed with Maya for modeling and rendering before. I found out
    about this product through RWBY and the realtime physics simulation and
    cartoon shaders look AMAZING. I can’t wait to play with this program.

  • Ian Dart says:

    Great video!! So much so I upgraded only yesterday… Can the poser file
    for the mushrooms be downloaded so I can see how the dynamics were

  • Midnight_stories says:

    Excellent job Steve really enjoyed it, just a great update !!!

  • musikshowLuzern2010 says:

    Super Poser that developed .. I look forward to new version of Poser
    ……. Good races of all good races….. CINEMA 4D 3D … is
    expensive but is

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