Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2012-2013 [Hardcover]

Book Description

Publication Date: 5 Sep 2011
Every year more than 8,000 items are photographed to make Miller’s Antiques Hand book the most comprehensive and informative price guide on the market. Whether you’re buying or selling, a dealer, collector or auctioneer, this is the book you need to help you keep track of the international market. Whenever you’re buying or selling always take Judith with you.
The first Miller’s Antiques Price Guide was published in 1979, and it has been the definitive guide ever since. An essential companion for anyone who loves antiques, including collectors, dealers, auctioneers and interior decorators.
The illustrated format is easy to understand, opening the world of antiques to a wider audience.  With this guide, anyone can collect, buy or sell antiques with confidence. Published annually, the content is entirely refreshed every year.

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