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Mike Jones is an award winning writer and multi-faceted media producer.  He has extensive working experience that spans various creative fields from writing through technical production, having worked in both Australia and Internationally.  His diverse career spanning more than 15 years, has helped him to develop a broad and holistic perspective on Screen Media Narratives, Technologies and Futures…


A visit to Mike’s Blog is an inspiration indeed, in particular the hoards of really useful information that he shares through his Journal, Articles and Podcasts.  I found Mike’s blog quite amusing and a full display of passion for his subject.


Read it and enjoy! (please excuse the odd well-placed profanity in the article)


Visit MikeJones.tv by clicking here.

Liquid Productions


If you want to know anything about Video and learn from and interact with real knowledgeable people on the subject, then Liquid Productions is a great place to visit.  This is a corporate video production company, so they have a professional base, but they also share a lot of useful information.


Well worth a Visit.


Click  here

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There's always lots to learn from Professionals that are willing to share...
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