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Bob Brooke hosts his Blog “Antiques Q&A” with evident aplomb.

As you read through some of his Q&A archives, a few things are apparent – firstly, Bob comes accross as very accomplished in his knowledge of antiques and collectables, and secondly he is very direct in his opinion about the material that he critiques. If you want an honest, direct, and complete opinion about any antique article, subject, or otherwise, then you would do well to pose your question to Bob.  Not only will you get the answer that you are needing and that others may have shirked, but you will also get it with an accomplished  writing prowess.

On his site, Bob indicates that he “provides answers to common and not-so-common questions about antiques and collectables”.  I would agree with that.

He goes on to tell us that “Writing has been his life and his work for the last 25 years”. The manner of his writing, clearly articulates this experience.

On Bob’s Antiques Q&A Blog , you can pose questions; browse through his Blog Archive full of  informative articles; Pick Up one of his Bestselling Book s on Antiques; or link through to his website : The Antiques Almanac.

Find out more on his Blog – Worth a Visit!



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