Transmit Range on All Amateur Bands:6-160 mtrs


All-Mode Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver

* This Radio Does it all! Moblie-Base-Portable! 1yr Mfgr's warranty.

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Product Features

  • Transmit Range on Amateur Bands from 6-160 Meters, Plus 2 Meter & 70cm!
  • 100 Watts Output From 6-160M, 50W on VHF 2M, 20W on 70cm 440Mhz. (FM-SSB-CW)
  • Receives 100 kHz-56 MHz; 76-154 MHz & 420-470 MHz All mode.
  • Bar-Graph Meter for Output Power, ALC, SWR, Modulation, Dual VFOs, Built-in CW Electronic Keyer and Semi-Break-In, VOX & More!
  • Alpha-Numeric, CTCSS/DCS, RTTY, PSK31-U, PSK31-L, APO, TOT.

Also, The Optional internal power supply can be purchased, & makes this rig the smallest 120V 100w Base HF Radio Ever! Portable operation is possible with the Optional Internal Batteries too!(20w)
Includes New 60M Band, & Built-In TCXO & DSP !!
Compact. Xmits 2M – 440 – 6M & HF Bands, AllMode.
12VDC 1yr Mfgr’s warranty.


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Conclusion Rating
* This Radio Does it all! All-Mode Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver
5 stars

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